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Now, for our Other Babies!

Not being a "small dog" person, I was shocked when I agreed

that my wife and daughter should have a dog of their own.

More than that, they wanted a dog that wasn't a

German Shepherd!!!  Heresy!!

You can only guess how amazed I was when I fell in love with a pair of "ankle biters"!!  But, that is exactly what happened!!

First, there was Cappie, Bridget's Cup of Cappucino. She is a tri-color that is the most intuitive dog I have ever known.

If you have ever wondered about "Dog Language", Cappie is the proof that dogs do "talk".  Of course it isn't with words; but, rather with a look, a stare or a silly little grin when I scratch "just the right spot, just the right way".  It's in the way she ignores you when you have hurt her feelings and won't forgive you until She is ready.  Truly a one of a kind dog.

Then, there is Boogie, Allie's Boogie ManThis little fellow only asks that you love him and that he can be near you.  This guy is impossible to shake, when I first come in from the Gulf of Mexico.  It's like, "Alright!!  Daddy's home!!"  How can you not love someone like that?  However, Boogies isn't popular with everyone in the Curtis Househould!

You see, Boogie, being a male and very proud of his new family, likes to "strut his stuff".  Where does he like to strut it, you ask?  Would you believe just outside of Guido's run.  This little guy must think he is a Great Dane; or, that Guido will be locked in that run forever....!  Whatever he is thinking, "marking Guido's run" is nothing less than a death wish!!  

I can only say that it as a good thing that Mom, Dad and Allison keep a close eye on this little guy.  Ah-h-h!  It's good to be loved!1

So, here is Boogie, his Lady, Cappie, and their two little ones.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.



Oh, yes!  Before you go, there are a couple of other members of the family...that I also never thought I would have...!!

Meet Kira's Kittens!